Call me crazy (let's face it they've said it before)...

Some might say I’m mad for launching a boutique real estate agency at the height of the 21st Century’s worst health pandemic, while the economy is in free fall, where unemployment has plummeted by nearly 6% since March, in a country experiencing it’s firsts recession in nearly 30 years.


I probably am quite mad actually.


But I like to think I’m also an opportunist.


History shows us that some of the greatest companies were launched during or right before a recession.


Disney was launched in 1929 right before the looming 4 year Great Depression.

Rising unemployment, increasing inflation and stagnant GDP didn’t stop Bill Gates from launching Microsoft in 1975. And AirBnB propelled itself right into the 2009 recession.


I wouldn’t be so presumptuous as to compare Jacaranda Properties to some of the biggest global heavy hitter corporations in the world, but the philosophy is just applicable to me as it is to them.


And the philosophy is this; recessions uncover opportunities for new players to do things in a better way, in line with market demand.


Alec Lynch wrote a great article in Forbs over seven years ago which I love, because it summarises perfectly why businesses can thrive during a recession: 10 Reasons The Best Time To Start A Business In During A Downturn



Why Jacaranda Properties will succeed?


I have been toying with Jacaranda Properties for a LONG time. My love of property and curiosity in the market has been with me since I was a child, having grown up on the land and understanding that while cattle and wool prices go up and down, the value of our land would sure enough endure and rise over time.


I have a BIG vision for Jacaranda Properties. Although I have a huge passion for real estate, there is a lot about the industry that doesn’t sit well with me, and I plan on creating a business that’s aligned with my values.


I became a licenced real estate agent because I wanted to sell the homes that my builder husband flips. It’s personal for me. Not only do I love selling property but I’m doing it to help create more wealth for our family and I want to share that experience with as many people as possible who are trying to achieve the same thing.

So watch this space… I because history also tells us that Fortune Favours The Bold and I’ll be the first to admit this is a bold move, but one I step into with an open mind and heart, a lot of fascination and a fair sprinkle of determination.

Written by: Alana Kelly
Date: 20 Sep 2020